Yvonne Hertich, MSW, LCSW

Mental Health Professional

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Yvonne Hertich is a mental health professional in the community based crisis stabilization program at St. Louis Center for Family Development (STLCFD). She graduated with her Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, where she also earned a Certificate in Violence and Injury Prevention. Ms. Hertich has an undergraduate degree in Social Welfare and Justice and Spanish from Marquette University in Milwaukee as well. In her current position at STLCFD, Ms. Hertich provides in-home crisis stabilization services to children, adolescents and families. The goal of the program is to teach individuals and families the skills that prevent out-of home placement and stabilize families. Ms. Hertich uses a variety of modes of therapy and treatment. This can range from individual and family therapy, skill development, parent education, to collaboration with other community providers, referral and advocacy for additional resources. She has received training in Trauma- Focused CBT and is looking forward to receiving training in other therapeutic interventions. Ms. Hertich’s experience involves working with families involved in the child welfare system, individuals with a mental health diagnosis working towards rehabilitation, and hospital social work. In addition to her focus on violence and injury prevention within families, Ms. Hertich is interested in understanding the impact of trauma on both child development and behaviors and providing trauma-informed treatment for the youth and families she serves.