STLCFD offers the opportunity for master-level clinicians to increase their skills in implementing Dialectical Behavior Therapy through its DBT Fellowship Training Program.  Through this 12-month program, clinicians will not only get the opportunity to learn DBT through training but will also be implementing DBT with clients throughout the year.  STLCFD recognizes the critical need for practice in order to increase competencies in implementing any evidence-based treatment.  Therefore, the fellowship is designed to fill training and practice requirements for mastery in evidence-based treatments.  The DBT fellowship is the first of its kind in the St. Louis region and we are proud of our efforts to increase the access to training and development in evidence-based treatments.  STLCFD seeks highly motivated, enthusiastic, and compassionate clinicians who wish to develop their skills in implementing Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

DBT Fellowship Training Program Highlights:

  • Paid clinical fellowship
  • 6-10 clinical hours per week
  • Access to both consultation and supervision
  • Videotape review by Expert
  • Training Access
  • Preparation for National Certification

Application Timeline: 

  1. Application Announcement in April
  2. Fellows Chosen in May
  3. Fellowship begins July
  4. Fellowship ends June

Upcoming Events

  1. Organizational Leadership Academy for Trauma Informed Care 2018

    January 31 @ 8:30 am

Get in Touch

  • This is not a crisis hotline. In the case of an emergency, please contact Behavioral Health Response by calling (800) 811-4760.